• Role: Creative Director (special attention on story development and impact of player’s choices)


  • Summary project:  The purpose of this project was creating a game based on a film and looking for the boundaries when translating the film’s narrative to an interactive medium. How does the story need to change? How much can you change before film’s fans start to protest and the game’s fans become bored with the known plot? And the movie choice was: Inception, a movie about sharing dreams and stealing ideas and even getting lost in your own mind and dreams. Where does the dream start and where does reality begin? The player is invited to follow the background story of the film’s main character, Cobb. Through interaction with the characters and receiving thoughts and comments from Cobb the player will learn more about dream sharing technology and the ways it can be and, unfortunately, is misused… Goal of the game: find the info and help saving Cobb’s sister by making difficult choices.
  • Narrative Design: Somnacin is a text-based game based on the film Inception. It is the prequel of the story of Inception. It delves deeper on the subject of dream sharing, a concept minimally explains in the film. The player helps Dom Cobb through dreams and reality, finding a way to regain his freedom.

Part One starts with the history of dream sharing and how Cobb came to be in prison. The player encounters Cobb when he gets home, but cannot get out of the suddenly identical rooms. The player needs to help Cobb figure out he is stuck in a dream and find the way out of it. A gun and a single bullet are enough to shatter the dream and wake up.

When he wakes up, he realises he is still in prison. A visitor explains what happened. He just experienced the drug Somnacin and had an extremely lucid dream. The visitor is actually the manufacturer of the drug and needs Cobb to help him. Cobb’s sister is the reason he is in prison and she holds sensitive information he will have to extract from her mind. In return, he will regain his freedom.

Will Cobb help him?

Part Two begins with Cobb entering Diana’s dream and meeting two people who will help him navigate the dream and finding Diana and the information. They enter her house, encounter guards, and finally reach her inner sanctum. Diana and Cobb confront each other about their relationship, the theft, and consequences. Can Cobb get the information he needs or not? Will Diana divulge even more secrets?

Part Three is the aftermath. Cobb wakes up and tells the CEO what he found. Depending on the information found, the CEO will give Cobb his freedom or leave him in prison. Extra information may even help as blackmail. Without enough information, the CEO leaves Cobb in prison, but gives him a sadistic present: a gun with a single bullet…

However, when Cobb walks out of prison by using the blackmail, he is suddenly on a icy cliff…



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