Magical Keys

One of the most annoying things in the world (besides gum underneath your shoe or your dog chewing on your socks again) is waiting in line at theme parks. Lots of theme parks have already expanded their experience design to the waiting lines due to the fact that visitors now expect to be entertained before the actual attraction. Investments range from thematic waiting lines (e.g. The Flying Dutchman in the Efteling), fast lane passes and digital waiting lines (e.g. Disneyland), to a prelude show with actors. However, the waiting lines stays unresolved.
Smartphones cannot be erased from our daily lives and that includes visits to theme parks. They offer a far cheaper and more innovative solution to entertain people in waiting lines. You can see realtime waiting lines or play a game stored on your phone. But how many of those games can be linked to the theme park itself?
“Magical Keys” is an alternate reality game for theme parks, a portable attraction on its own! The purpose of the game is not to keep people glued to their screens, but give them incentives to roam around the park and conquer the waiting lines!
Do you want to know more about the concept and the story behind it? Please contact me!

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