Montréal Food Critic’s Alphabet

So many food experiences to be had in Montréal, Canada for weekend or long-term travellers!

As a solo traveller and newbie to Canada, I was overwhelmed with the amazing people and the excellent food I could enjoy here. That is why I decided to set up a Food Critic’s Alphabet to muse about the Montréal food scene and describe my wonderful explorations en happy food experiences.

Hopefully, the funny musings of a hungry traveller inspires other travellers in Montréal on what to try when you find yourself in this city! And if you know your way already or live in this amazing city, maybe this Alphabet will inspire you to try new things!

Do you miss a favourite restaurant or cuisine that is quintessential Montréal? Drop me a line to check it out and I will add it to the Alphabet!

We start with the A for… Afghan cuisine!

The B for … Bagels!

The C for … Coffee!

The D for … (coming soon)


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