Funny Dialogues

First in my series of Funny Dialogues:


Respectable, elderly British ladies (for the fortunate souls who don’t know them, that is).

Both ladies were very successful agents at MI6, but have a bit trouble letting go of that exciting lifestyle now that they are, in the legal definition, retired.

From the comfortable seats of a rather strange retirement home, they enjoy interfering with the lives of their children and grandchildren who are, very conveniently, all working in British intelligence agencies.

These old biddies like to drink, meddle in national affairs, check out handsome young men, and keep up a low-key international war with fellow inmates residents Mrs Chan (unnamed Chinese spy agency, retired) and Lady Olga (Russian mafia boss, retired).

These series of dialogues between Mary & Violet sketch their hopelessly crazy characters, funny encounters and their exciting stories during their retirement.


Mary & Violet Dialogues 1: A Night Out!

Mary & Violet Dialogues 2: Trouble in the house


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