Canadian Adventures 6: terrifying Inuit monsters

Besides the freezing cold, deadly snowstorms and camouflaged polar bears, the Inuit need to stay alert for a bunch of other scary monsters. While we have boogeymen under the bed or haunted houses, the Inuit children grow up with truly terrifying tales to warn them of the everyday dangers and the legendary monsters of the unforgiving Artic they could encounter. Here are a couple of terrors that made the biggest impression on me:

  • The Inuit version of the little mermaid gone bad: the Qalupalik
  • A ghostly dog that roams the Artic: the Keelut
  • Werewolves do exist in this part of the world: the Adlet
  • Bambi and his mother are actually terrifying caribou shapeshifters: the Ijiraq
  • A giggling monster that tickles you to death (no joke): the Mahaha

I’ll be posting about them separately. Monsters and their associated horror stories do deserve a little limelight of their own, don’t you think? Enjoy your holiday in the Canadian wilderness (if you dare to go)!



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