Canadian Adventures 5: The Return of the Food Critic

I think Montréal is one of the most difficult cities in the world to be or to become a food critic. Because in two square kilometres you can find virtually any cuisine known in the world! Fancy some New Zealandish meat pies with a blond Belgian beer? Or rather some enchiladas with a shot of mescal? You can have Tibetan beef stew or some gluten free Venezuelan pastries. Jewish bagels, French baguettes, Basque pintxo, Cambodian stir fry, Japanese shrimp burgers,… what would you like? You can start the day with a healthy smoothie flushed green with kale (yuck!) or taste some artisanal, hipster cheeses made in some dank attic in Mile End. See how difficult this will be to find the best restaurant or cafe? Give me a couple of years, a healthy budget and a fitness subscription and I will present you with a Bible-sized food guide complete with those translucent thin pages and tiny lettering.

In the meantime, I want to continue my food stories. I decided to give myself a little guideline: From now on, I will just follow the alphabet! So if you have a suggestion for a letter, tell me!

Next time: the Montréal food critic’s alphabet: A for…? Surprise!



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