My latest writing projects:

Image found on 18May2017 : http://www.npr.org/2011/05/20/136465083/psst-the-human-brain-is-wired-for-gossip

Funny Dialogues


Respectable, elderly British ladies (for the fortunate souls who don’t know them, that is).

Montréal Food Critic’s Alphabet

The Alphabet is a funny little guide to the great food scene of Montréal, Canada. Enjoy my musings on the different food experiences and I hope you won’t hesitate to try out all the great food when visiting this wonderful city!

My narrative portfolio

Featuring my best and most recent (and often most funny) writings! The list changes every couple of months, but all writings can be found on this website if you like to read more! In History: The opium den part 1 & part 2 In Dialogue: Mary & Violet (Retired secret agents) In Mythology: the Qalupalik In…


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